The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

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Buster 12/02/017

A bit out of our area but posting this on the off chance that someone can help...

Hi there,

I am a veterinary nurse working in London and was alerted to a 15 month old dog that had been booked in for euthinasia 2 weeks ago. He is currently still on death row as all London rescues are full.  'Buster' is a 25 kg + staffie cross (photo and video attached) entire male, who has been living in a third floor flat with two children 10 and 12 years old. He has not been to training classes and was simply not thriving in his environment.  Due to his frustrations he has caused mild injury to one of the children and the owner (scratch and a bite-neither needed hospital treatment), I think 'Buster' will thrive given the right opportunity.  When I met him he showed no concerning behaviour, but he is s strong lad!  Has some ear problems, think due to allergies, however they have improved already. They just needed a good clean and some decent food/time.  He is great with other dogs, enjoys being out and about and is food orientated which is always helpful for positive enforcement.  I have some history of his likes and dislikes from the owner as well. She has signed him over. He is currently at a holding kennel, which I am paying for myself as I saw no other option as all very last minute. However they now need the space and want him out in 24 hours.

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Many thanks to everyone who donated via JustGiving, we reached the target much quicker than expected :-) The software has been purchased and we've been busy working on the new site, there's still a way to go before its ready but we've already added two new features...

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The website has been up and running for a good few years now and we'd like to rebuild it so that new features can be added, make it easier to use and generally bring things up to date.  We've looked at our options and chosen the software needed, its just a case of paying for it....

We need £140 to purchase the software which on the grandscale of things may not seem much but the website carries no advertising and is free to use which means other than the husband and wife team who created the site cracking open their personal (and rather empty) piggy banks our only real option is to do some fund raising.

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We're having a few issues with the contact us form - it seems that messages are not always getting through to us and we're being drowned in spam at the same time....  We're working through the the backlog / junk and will post an update asap

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LUCY - SMALL & PRETTY STAFFY CROSSMEET LUCY. Lucy is a very affectionate small Staffy cross breed that loves cuddles attention and company. Lucy has previously lived with children aged 7 year and 8 years and adored them. She is sweet and playful and 3 years old. She is very affectionate, loves tummy tickles and adores humans. She enjoys her walks and being the centre of...Read more


BENNIE BEAN - SMALL, LOVING BRINDLE BEAUTYBENNIE - VERY FRIENDLY LITTLE BRINDLE BEAUTY Bennie is a gorgeous little Brindle Staffy. Sadly he has come into our care as his owner could no longer care for him. He loves people and has been a little gem at the kennels. He loves to climb on your knee for a fuss and a cuddle. He adores his treats and having lots of fuss time, yet he is a...Read more


MIA - AMAZING 6 YEAR OLD PATTERDALE CROSS BREEDMEET MIA. MIA IS A SWEET PATTERDALE CROSS BREED. SHE IS VERY LOVING AND HAPPY. This very beautiful Patterdale cross is Mia. Mia has come into our care as her owner could no longer care fro her. She is very very affectionate and currently in a foster home with another dog. She is brilliant with other hounds and is very fussy and happy. She loves...Read more


CINDY - ELEGANT, AFFECTIONATE SALUKIMEET CINDY (ALSO KNOWN AS CINDERELLA) ADORABLE SALUKI LADY SEARCHING FOR HOME COMFORTS AND TLC Cindy is new into our care. One very loving, sweet natured gorgeous Saluki girl. Cindy came into our care from the stray kennels and is very underweight. She is now receiving extra meals and of course lots of treats. She is very affectionate and...Read more


BESS - ADORABLE CHUNKY STAFFY GIRLMEET BESS - BESS IS A GORGEOUS STAFFY GIRL WHO CAME INTO CARE VERY SAD AND BEWILDERED. Bess has recently come into our care as an unwanted lady. Having spent 6 years of her life from a puppy with her owner she is no longer loved by them. It would appear she has had many puppies in the past and she is now very sad in kennels. Although having...Read more


STELLA - SMALL STAFFY - NEVER A SIDEWAYS GLANCESPECIAL APPEAL FOR GORGEOUS STELLA. GREAT LITTLE LADY. Stella is a very affectionate small Staffy girl with a spice for life and lots of love for everyone. This little lady has hardly had any interest in her at all. We are hoping very soon someone out there will fall madly in love with her and want to give her a very deserving home with all the...Read more


BARNEY BISCUIT - SMASHING STAFFY CROSSSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BARNEY - VERY HANDSOME TAN AND WHITE STAFFY CROSS BREED Barney Biscuit is one of our Special Appeals. He has sadly been in our care a long time. Although he is a happy lad that gets a marathon walk every day we would love to see him in a new home being the centre of attention. Barney is a very handsome and a loving Staffy...Read more


BRUCE - LOVING, OBEDIENT, PLAYFUL & LOYALSPECIAL APPEAL FOR BRUCE - VERY FRIENDLY CROSS BREED GERMAN SHEPHERD Here at Good Life we are a firm believer that there is someone for everyone in this world. Bruce is still waiting for his forever love. This gorgeous loving cross breed has so much to offer his adopter. He is affectionate, loyal and eager to please. He loves to play and bonds...Read more


CHARLIE CHUCKLES - CAN TELL A TALE OR TWOHERE'S CHARLIE CHUCKLES. HE'S A REAL CHARACTER. Charlie Chuckles came into our care from the stray kennels and loves to spin a yarn. You ask him what he wants and he talks! it's usually walk related or food related as he is so easily pleased. He is a small Red handsome fella that's cheeky and confident of 5-6 years old. He loves a fuss and being...Read more

11635 Gorgeous friendly Saluki/Lurcher female

11635 Gorgeous friendly Saluki/Lurcher female

This beautiful girl is a Saluki/Lurcher type who is still young at approx 1year old. She has been very friendly in kennels with everyone she as met. She appears to really like other dogs. The person who found her said she was good with her JRT and also her children. She is brindle in colour, has a smooth coat with feathering on ears and tail....Read more



MILLIE BEAUTIFUL LOVING ENGLISH BULL TERRIER GIRLMeet Millie a gorgeous English Bull terrier looking for a new start.Millie is approx 7 years old. House trained and very loving, she walks very well on the lead and knows some basic commands. Fine around children but older children 16+preferred and alhtough fine around other dogs whilst out she need to be the only dog in the home. Millie is...Read more


TERRIFIC TRIGGER HANDSOME STAFFY CROSS Trigger came into radars care from the stray kennels and is not liking kennel life he is a little timid and hides radar are working with him to build his confidence and he I should now begining to trust. Trigger has lived with another dog and has been walking with other dogs at the kennels, he does seem to prefer the company of ladies on his...Read more


**SPECIAL APPEAL**FRANKY - HANDSOME GREYHOUND CROSS***SPECIAL APPEAL*** ***FOSTER CONSIDERED*** FRANKY - FRIENDLY GREYHOUND CROSS NEEDS EXPERIENCED SAVVY HOME Franky is a very tall dark and handsome and gorgeous Greyhound cross that came into care over 9 months ago, he is always overlooked and we cannot think why? Franky is a loyal obedient dog. He is a very friendly dog and needs an active...Read more

Queenie loving American Bulldog

Queenie loving American Bulldog Hi everyone out there my name is Queenie and I am looking for a large breed experienced home as I am an American Bull Dog Lady. I am a friendly girl of approx 4 years old and I have recently arrived into the care of Radar. I am fussy and very loving I am looking for a home with someone who is used to owning large dogs like me and has the time to...Read more


ANNIE ADORABLE SHEPHERD CROSSBREED Annie is an adorable shepherd cross lady of approx 7/8 years old. A beautiful black and tan girl who once knows you forms a bond really quickly and will be your friend for life. Annie is still playfull and loves having a zoomed which has is good as she is still needing to shed a few pounds. Annie is new into the care of radar and still being...Read more


DIDDLEY STUNNING DEAF BOYSadly Stunning boy Diddley is back in the care of Radar. Diddley is adorable and everyone has fallen in love with him. He is so sweet despite living in a silent world. Diddley is a deaf young boy so will need a very special person to love and care for him. He is very affectionate and enjoys lots of fuss. Diddley has lived with another female dog...Read more

Marley one eyed handsome Staffy

Marley one eyed handsome StaffyMarley is a handsome white Staffy He’s a big softy, loves a fuss and is very affectionate. Sadly, he has lost an so he won’t win any beauty competitions but what he lacks in looks, he makes up in personality. We think he is still super cute and handsome. He is fine with dogs out walking but we think he would be best rehomed as an only...Read more

Sox gorgeous Boxer cross

Sox gorgeous Boxer cross Hello everyone my name is Sox and sadly I am looking for a new home and a new start like so many after finding myself homeless. I am a gorgeous Boxer x Staffy girl of approx 2 years a day I gave a lovely temperament. I love to play and I'm very loving. I looking for a forever home this time. I can life with older children and an active home...Read more


MIA GENTLE LOVING MASTIFF CROSS Hello people my name is Mia I have come into radars care as a stray and would very much like to find a new home as soon as I can. I am such a good girl who loves people and company. I would love to be snuggled up and warm and cosy on the sofa with you enjoying home comforts. Although I am a large girl I am good on my lead. I love to be walked...Read more

Redd very freindly young crossbreed

Redd very freindly young crossbreed Redd has only just arrived at Radar He is approx 1year old and still very puppy like. We will update his profile as we get to know him more. . Redd is looking for a home and a family that will teach him about all things domestic. He is a clever boy and treat orientated so we are sure that he will learn things quickly. Families should not...Read more

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