The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

We are always looking out for more rescue centres and kennels to add to the site - if you know of anyone that would like their animals listed please get in touch.


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11046 Friendly Adult Staffy cross female "Cassie"

11046 Friendly Adult Staffy cross female "Cassie"

Cassie is a very friendly, sweet, Staffy cross female who is about 8years old. She is brindle and white in colour, medium in size. Cassie has been no trouble whilst been in kennels. She has shown no issues towards people. She doesnt appear to like some other dogs but the kennels is very stressful. She is desperate for a loving new home. She...Read more



MARTHA - VERY FRIENDLY SHEPHERD CROSS BREED LADYSTILL WAITING GORGEOUS GIRL........................Hi everyone my name is Martha and I am a very very pretty young girl. I am fussy and friendly and have come into care from the stray kennels. I've been great with other dogs and I love to be fussed and have attention. It's thought I have previously lived with another dog. I adore treats and I'm...Read more


WALTER - URGENT RETIREMENT HOME NEEDED FOR 13 YEAR OLD GENTLEMANWALTER - URGENT APPEAL FOR 13 YEAR SENIOR STAFFY - VERY SAD BOY URGENT FOSTER NEEDED Hi my name is Walter and I am very sad and unhappy. I have come into care as a stray and sadly nobody is missing me. I am very stressed in kennels and missing being with someone and in my home. Many oldies are left abandoned or unclaimed by their owners. Is it...Read more


STAR - FRIENDLY PATCHED EYE LADY STAFFYSTAR - VERY SWEET AND LOVING ROLY POLY STAFFY NEEDS A HOME Hi my name is Star and I sadly have come into care due to a change in my owners circumstances. I am super friendly, adore cuddles and people and just a typical lady Staffy that has a huge affinity with my humans. Goes without saying for us Staffies I think you will find. I am a...Read more


RAISEN - AFFECTIONATE SMALL RED STAFFYRAISEN - SMALL RED BRINDLE STAFFY LADY IN NEED OF ADOPTION - SPECIAL APPEAL PLEASE CONSIDER RAISEN FOR ADOPTION TODAY OR FOSTER Hiya my new name is Raisen and I am a very loving little Staffy with a bright Red Chestnut coloured coat. I love people and adore cuddles and I love to climb on your knee and give you kisses. I can be dominant...Read more


MUTLEY - LITTLE CHARACTER TAN TERRIERMUTLEY - SMALL TAN TERRIER LOOKING FOR LOVING HOME. Hi I'm Mutley and I would love a new home. I'm very small and I get along with other dogs. I go out walking with other dogs at my rescue and have been sharing a kennel with Staffy Mac. I am approx 7 years old and I love to play, I walk like a dream and I have good recall. I'm looking for a...Read more

MAC - Friendly Handsome Staffy Chap

MAC - Friendly Handsome Staffy ChapMAC - VERY FRIENDLY HANDSOME BLACK AND WHITE STAFFY Hi, I am Mac, I'm a small to medium size friendly staffy now looking for a home. I love having a fuss and love my walks and of course as you can see I'm a handsome lad. An active home that have time for me and can offer me my exercise is what I will need. I came into care from a stray kennels...Read more


MOLLY DOG -  VERY LOVING STAFFYMOLLY DOG - BULL DOG CROSS STAFFY NEEDS A LOVING NEW HOME Hi I am Molly dog and I would love a smashing new home. I have come into care from the stray kennels and I am a real character cross breed Staffy. I'm what they call a cuddle monster as I just love any affection and tummy tickles. Infact I roll over so much for tummy rubs it makes...Read more


IZZY - TAN, VERY LOVING STAFFY CROSSIZZY - VERY LOVING STAFFY CROSS BREED IZZY BELONGS TO BADAW RESCUE WHO BOARD THEIR DOGS AT NETHERLANDS KENNELS. CONTACT 01226 388764. Hi my name is Izzy and my rescue say I am long overdue a new home. I have to agree as I have waited a long time to find someone out there to love me. I am very affectionate and I love to be fussed and I love...Read more


BUD - HAPPY, FRIENDLY LABRADOR LURCHERBUD - VERY HAPPY LABRADOR LURCHER Hi I am Bud and I'm new into my rescue from the stray kennels. I am a happy chap despite being a homeless lad. I am very friendly with everyone and never stop wagging my tail. I am also good with other dogs and have a endearing nature. The home I would love is one where I will get plenty of walks and company. I...Read more


CHAMPS - LOVING, CALM, PLACID LURCHERCHAMPS - CALM & PLACID LURCHER NEEDS A SOFA AND SOME TLC. Hi I'm Champs and my rescue think I am a lovely lad. I am long overdue a home and serious spoiling. I came into care as a stray and sadly have had nobody offering me a home. This is because I am an older chap of about 6-7 years old. Although I am a champion to my rescue it's a well...Read more


BRUNO - HAPPY PORTLY LITTLE RED STAFFYBRUNO - Very friendly, happy, portly Tubster Staffy Hello everyone my name is Bruno and I am a small, portly and Tubby little lad. I'm 5 years old you know and have previously lived with another lady dog. I have also lived with children. I love people and I am very smiley and fussy. Sadly I came into care from the stray kennels but I know I'm...Read more


SKY - SPOTTY DOGThis beautiful lady is Sky, she is a young adult with the most beautiful markings. Sky is a little shy and can be worried when first meeting new people, we do feel this is because she is so overwhelmed in kennels and that with a loving understanding home she would come on leaps and bounds. We do have some history with her and know she has been...Read more


MOJO - TINY TERRIER LADPlease form an orderly queue, this is Mojo. This lovely lad is around 6 years old and is in need of a new home. Mojo is a great guy with a lovely temperament, he appears to get on well with other dogs but may chase cats. We are told he is a bit of an escape artist so he needs a very secure garden. These little terriers can jump / scale higher...Read more


BRODY - HANDSOME BULLIE BOYMeet Brody, this stunning boy is very pleasant and enjoys his walks and runs around the field here at the centre. He has arrived with us from the stray kennels but its safe to say that at some point in his life he has been loved as he is very sad at finding himself in kennels and we are hoping he won’t be with us long and back in a home where...Read more


OLDIES VERY DESERVING OF A GOOD LIFEREASONS TO ADOPT A SENIOR DOG Please consider a middle aged or senior dog when looking to adopt a friend. Older dogs make loyal and loving companions. Many people automatically think of a puppy when thinking of adopting a dog. Puppies are sweet, warm and cute and everyone wants to cuddle them. However puppies demand time, patience and lots of...Read more

11028 Friendly Short Chunky Staffy female

11028 Friendly Short Chunky Staffy female

A very fussy and friendly, Staffy female who is tan and white in colour, small/medium/chunky in size. She has been no trouble whilst been in kennels, has been friendly with everyone she has met, she has shown no issues towards other dogs. She is approx 4-5yrs old. She will benefit from being in an active home where she will go on lots of...Read more



SHELLEY - SWEET YOUNG GIRLSuper girl Shelley is a gorgeous young girl with the world at her feet! She is extremely confident and intelligent, and would benefit from owners that have knowledge of her breed. Shelley is very bold so will need owners that can steer her in the right direction, so that she can mature into a more sensible adult. All she needs is a good routine...Read more


OTIS - EAGER TO PLEASEOtis is a smart, friendly dog, who is eager to please looking for owners who can provide him with guidance and consistency. His biggest motivation is food, which will make an excellent tool in continuing his training. He already knows sit, down and paw. He walks well on his lead. Otis is social with other dogs. He sometimes does not know when to...Read more


MOMMA MONDAYAbout Me Hello my names Momma Monday or just Monday for short. I am a larger lady, i appear to have eaten a little too much in my previous home and piled on some pounds. The good folk here at RAIN have me on a good diet though and slowly but surely I am finding my bikini body. Monday loves the company of people and is very affectionate, of...Read more

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