The idea behind "I Need a Home" is to raise awareness of dogs & cats in both South Yorkshire's council stray kennels and smaller / independent rescue centres that are often overlooked in favour of animals from breeders and other sources. All the kennels and rescues featured provide a vital service helping and rehoming those in need, without their help many of them wont get a second chance and in the case of animals in stray kennels may be put to sleep simply to free up space for the next poor animal to potentially suffer the same fate.

Please take a few moments to look at the cats and dogs available, they just need some love and a few creature comforts, in exchange they can offer you a lifetime of devotion.

We are always looking out for more rescue centres and kennels to add to the site - if you know of anyone that would like their animals listed please get in touch.


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We work closely with Rain Rescue and they provided us with a lot of help in getting the site up and running - please help us to return the favour and consider making a regular donation for any amount possible, it really does make a huge difference to them.

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TINO handsome bouncy boy

TINO handsome bouncy boyTino is a very handsome 2 year old Labrador who’s arrived in our care because his owner had moved abroad and left him with family. Due to his size, strength and excitable behaviour their young son was scared of him. Tino has lived with children and another dog however because he is strong and bouncy he would be best suited to a home with...Read more

BUFFY gorgeous happy girl

BUFFY gorgeous happy girlBuffy is a very pretty 9 month old Lurcher x She is only young and has mountains of energy. She has arrived in our care through no fault of her own. Her owner was informed she would only grow to be a small dog but as Buffy is growing older, so is her size and strength which sadly her owner struggled to manage her. She loves her daily walks and...Read more


PATCH 2 LOVELY OLDER DOGThis lovely older gentleman is Patch he's arrived from the stray kennels. Patch is a very sweet friendly boy who has sadly found himself homeless at 10 years old. Patch doesn't show his age he's a bouncy happy boy who loves his food, treats, walks and a game of ball. He is looking for a nice warm quiet retirement home where he can enjoy...Read more


RICKY - VERY FRIENDLY BLUE STAFFY BOYRICKY - STUNNING BLUE STAFFY NEEDS SOME TLC Hi I am Ricky and I would jump with joy at the chance of a new home that will love me and care for me. I haven't had a great time of late and being in kennels in not my idea of too much fun. Despite finding myself a homeless hound I am a very loving and affectionate young man. At approximately 18...Read more


SPECIAL APPEAL FOR FERGIE - 11 YEAR OLD SMALL STAFFY LADYGORGEOUS FERGIE - 11 YEAR OLD VERY SMALL STAFFY NEEDS A NEW START - FOSTER HOME CONSIDERED Hi I am Fergie and I have come into care from the stray kennels. This is very sad for me having lived probably all my life in a home, giving love and loyalty. I am a real cuddle monster and love to be fussed and nursed, I am a typical Staffy that loves...Read more


URGENT APPEALS **HOMES NEEDED FOR OLDER DOGS**URGENT HOMES NEEDED FOR OLDER DOGS! PLEASE BE IN TOUCH IF YOU CAN OFFER A HOME OR FOSTER HOME. REASONS TO ADOPT A SENIOR DOG Please consider a middle aged or senior dog when looking to adopt a friend. Older dogs make loyal and loving companions. Many people automatically think of a puppy when thinking of adopting a dog. Puppies are sweet,...Read more


BARNEY - LOVING STAFFY CROSS - STILL WAITINGSTILL WAITING BARNEY - VERY HANDSOME TAN AND WHITE STAFFY CROSS BREED Hi my name is Barney and I came into care as a stray dog in December of last year and I am still waiting for a new home. My rescue took me on as I am such a loving dog. It would seem nobody was missing me so I have been looking for a new home. I am friendly and love a fuss...Read more


SPECIAL APPEAL FOR CHARLIE - VERY LOVING YOUNG STAFFYCHARLIE - GORGEOUS, VERY LOVING & FRIENDLY STAFFY BOY Hi my name is Charlie and I came into rescue care from the stray kennels where I had waited a long time for a chance. I have been in care now since just before Christmas. I have a very very loving nature and I am 18 month old. I am quite small but have lots of energy. I am a super...Read more


MUTLEY - LITTLE CHARACTER TAN TERRIERMUTLEY - SMALL TAN TERRIER LOOKING FOR LOVING HOME. Hi I'm Mutley and I would love a new home. I've come into care as a stray dog. I love to chase about and play in the run and I have been a good boy with other dogs. I go out walking with other dogs and I have been great. I do not pull and I am very small. I'm a cross Heinz type terrier, very...Read more


DAISY - SMALL MALTESE CROSS BREEDDAISY - TEENY TINY LITTLE MALTESE TERRIER CROSS BREED Hi I am Daisy and I am very loving and sweet. I am very very small and I just love being fussed. Kennel life is not for me as it makes me very scared. I have been great with other dogs but those big guys scare me ya know. I came into care with a severely matted coat and in poor condition....Read more


BUD - 7 MONTH BEAGLE CROSSBUD - BEAGLE CROSS PUPPY - 7 MONTHS OLD Hi my name is Bud and I am a Beagle cross breed of 7 months. As you can see I am adorable, beautiful and very cute. I love people and I am good with other dogs. Sadly I have come into care as my previous owners could not dedicate me the time. I am a busy little lad and a typical puppy so need a new home...Read more


CASPER - NEEDS RETIREMENT HOMECASPER NEEDS A LUXURY RETIREMENT HOME. CAN YOU OFFER HIM A NEW START? Casper is a very sweet giddy boy, from his age you would not expect him to be as full of energy as he is! Casper loves playing with his toys will bring them back and can even entertain himself with them! He loves his treats and knows his basic commands, we feel Casper will...Read more


BELLE - YOUNG STAFFY GIRLBelle needs a home. She is a young adult Staffy, very friendly girl. Belle is a super friendly go lucky girl who absolutely loves her people and is only a young girl so at a great age to mould into any home! Belle will suit a home where she will get continued training and plenty of exercise as she has lots of energy! Belle knows some of her...Read more


WOODY - COLLIE CROSS BREEDWoody is a super interligent switched on boy who is only young and already knows all his basic commands, he is very excitable and has tons of energy! Woody will need a home where he will get plenty of physical and mental exercise to release all his potential. Woody is so trainable he loves his toys and treats so this makes it a lot more straight...Read more


PHOEBE - PLAYFUL PUPAbout Me Hiyaaaaa my name is Phoebe and i am just a baby girl of less than a year old. I am a giddy kipper but a good girl none the less. My nickname is 'Bambi' as they folks here at RAIN say I haven't learnt how to use my legs properly yet. Type Of Home Needed I am looking for a home that can give the time and dedication to a youngster...Read more


ALBERT - SWEET SENIOR STAFFIEAbout Me Hello everyone, it is jolly good to see you are reading my page. I am a friendly older chap who is dying to meet you. Unfortunately found myself rather homeless and in need of a tip top new family. I am a senior gent with the best of manners. Type Of Home Needed I am looking for a nice retirement abode. One that will love me muchly...Read more


DORA - DOBIE X COLLIEAbout Me Hello I am Dora the Doberman cross Collie. I am a young girl of just a few years old. Rain Rescue saved me from the local stray kennels. I am a sweet girl with a big heart and whole lot of love to give to the right person. I can be unsure in new situations as I haven’t seen much before, rumour has it i’ve been locked away and not...Read more


ELMO - SCRUMMY TERRIERAbout Me Hi! I’m Elmo, I’m the new girl on the block here at RAIN after being saved from the stray kennels. I am a scrummy Staffordshire cross terrier. I have tons of energy and just love people. I am a huge fuss pot. Type Of Home Needed Elmo needs an active home, she is a busy bee always looking for something to do. She is friendly and...Read more


TESS - PRETTY LURCHER LADYAbout Me Hello My name is Tess, I am a pretty lurcher girl. I love the company of people and going for walks out in the fields and countryside here at Rain. I was saved from the stray kennels by Rain Rescue and they have been getting to know me over the past few weeks. I can be nervous of new people and situations but I soon settle. Type...Read more


TI - VERY FRIENDLY CROSS BREED STAFFYTI - HANDSOME STAFFY CROSS LOOKING FOR A LOVING HOME Hi I'm Ti and I would love a new home today. I've come into my rescue care due to a change in my last owners circumstances. I am very friendly and will make someone a loving dog. I know all my commands and I have already been castrated and have lots of love to offer. My owner said I prefer...Read more

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