Gender: Female

Age: 5 - 6 years

Neutered: Yes

Hello everyone! My name is Ella.

My personality: I need someone who understands me – someone who’s had experience with cats like me. You see, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with too much attention, and I might give a playful swipe without much warning. It’s just my way of saying, “Hey, give me some space, please!”

I thrive in a calm environment, so if your home is a peaceful oasis, count me in! While I’m independent and can entertain myself during the day, I do enjoy having human companions around when I’m in the mood for cuddles or playtime.

My ideal home: While I do enjoy some human attention, I’m not looking for a household with too much hustle and bustle. A peaceful environment where I can relax and unwind is more my speed. Now, let’s talk about other furry creatures. I’m afraid I’m not too keen on living with other animals, so it’s just you and me against the world! As for those little humans, if I have to share my space with them, I’d prefer them to be a bit older, around 10 years or older. And they must be cat-savvy and understand when to give me my space. Respectful and understanding kids are my kind of companions. In the past I have been a little unsure of men – it’s nothing personal, just a bit of wariness. With patience and understanding, I’m sure we can build trust and form a strong bond.

Access to outdoors: Outdoor access would be fantastic! Once I’ve settled in, having the option to roam outside would be purrfect for me. It’ll give me a chance to explore and channel my energy positively.

Toileting: I am litter-trained, and I will happily use grit litter.

Adoption info

Can Live With:
Cats - No
Dogs - No
Children - Yes

Available for adoption

Rain Rescue

Adoption fees are shown on our www.rainrescue.co.uk website.

All our dogs and cats will be neutered (if safe to do so), vaccinated, flead, wormed and microchipped which will be registered to you on adoption. 

All pets come with 4 weeks free Petplan insurance, 2kg Bag of Burns food. 

All dogs and cats have been assessed by the Rain Rescue team who will work with you so we ensure we get the right match for you and for me.

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