Gender: Male

Age: 1 - 2 years

Neutered: As part of adoption process

No surprises that Chester has come into our care recently as another stray and abandoned young man. He is stunning, extremely loving and friendly and loves his toys and play times. Chester can be shy in his kennel but will soon pop to greet you for a treat and even an incline of a walk. He has been through so much lately but we ensure his future will be a brighter one. He loves to run and chase with his toys and will play all day if allowed. We feel Chester has been used to being in a home as he tries to stay clean in his kennel.
This beautiful young dog will be looking for an active home. A non-couch potato home is best suited with someone who loves his breed and has plenty of time for him. He certainly will enjoy a snooze on the sofa next to you on an evening, however make no mistake that is after a very long walk and some play times and energy burn offs. Staffords make great companions and when young need plenty of stimulation and adventures. A home where Chester would not be left for long hours would be great. Younger dogs when left alone can easily become very bored. Chester has walked out well with other dogs at the kennels and will be undergoing more assessments this weekend.
‚ÄčPlease contact us at Good Life with information about yourself and the home you can offer Chester. He is yet another Stunning young beauty very deserving of a new start and a loving home. Please consider our dogs for adoption today. We help a huge amount of Staffords left waiting at the Yorkshire stray kennels. We encourage adoption and invite anyone with misconceptions for this breed to come and meet this very special forgotten dog. Experienced owners and responsible people are needed for this breed. Staffies are loving and reliable. They make great family dogs. Bad press sees many left behind at local pounds. Support us and fly this flag high for the Staffies in Yorkshire.
Adoption info

Please contact us about the dog you are interested in via email preferably. Please give information about yourself, your lifestyle and your home. Do you have children? Other pets? Work full time? etc etc. We will come back to you as soon as possible. If the dog is a good match for you we will arrange for you to come and meet the dog and ourselves. If everything goes well we will home check your property and if possible you can provide us with a verbal reference from your previous vet. All our animals are vaccinated, neutered, treated for fleas and worms and micro chipped. We ensure we match the right dog with the right adopter and all parties are happy including the dog.


Good Life Dog Rescue

Please email us or telephone for any further details on any of our dogs and with information about yourself and your lifestyle and home. We always try and match the right dog with the right adopter. All our dogs are vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, micro chipped and neutered. Home checks apply and vet references if possible. Please contact us for any further information about the animals in our care, to arrange an appointment or to find out more about the work we do.

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Created on 14/02/18(last updated 25/10/18)

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