Gender: Male

Age: 1 - 2 years

Neutered: Yes

Tommy was found as a tiny puppy in a dumpster in the Balkans and came to the UK via a Serbian rescue.  He hasn’t experienced much in life and can be quite frightened of new experiences so will need someone with the patience to help him gain his confidence.  During the short time he has been with us he has already become much more confident and is happy to see all the kennel staff and dog walkers.  He is good with other dogs but can sometimes get a little over exuberant in play so although we feel a home with a confident dog would help him it would need to be one that could cope with this.  He will need training in all aspects but he is eager to learn and such a happy chap we are sure the rewards will be worth it.

Adoption info

Anyone applying for our dogs will need to demonstrate they are able to give the dog a good home and have the time and skills necessary. We carry out home checks and obtain vet references before dogs can go to their new home and an adoption donation will be required, this does vary depending on the age/health of a dog but the average is £180. All dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered unless a vet has advised against it for health reasons.


South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue

We are a small registered charity which predominantly helps spaniels find homes, although as you can usually see from our dogs looking for homes other breeds do sometimes find their way into our care.

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