Gender: Female

Age: Under a year

Neutered: Yes

This beautiful trio are from different litters, they were all the last of their litters, we paired them together so they weren’t alone and they have been inseparable ever since. Blossom, Mary & Noir have a very strong bond, they are looking for a home where they will stay together.  Mary is the quieter one whereas Noir and Blossom are quite mischievous and like to explore everything, they are all lovely and friendly. They love exploring new things, playing and chasing. They will make lovely additions to their new family.

Blossom, Mary and Noir are looking for a home where they won’t be left for long. They can live to be an indoor cats providing there is lots of space for them to play around, if to be outdoor, a home away from any busy roads so they can safely explore going outside.

Adoption info

Dogs under 6 month old £220, Dogs over 6 month old £200 however they may be an increase required. Proof of landlords permission will be needed for rental properties. Puppies will not be rehomed to families with children under 5. We will not rehome to anyone living in a flat. Gardens must be securely fenced all the way around to a minimum of 4ft but up to 6ft or higher depending on the dog. Adoption fee covers vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, flea and worm treatment and 4 weeks free insurance. Home visit will also be carried out.


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    Created on 30/01/20(last updated 27/04/20)