Max, affectionate male Staffy

Gender: Male

Age: 3 - 4 years

Neutered: Yes

Max is a male Staffy, born June 2015.  He’s an extremely affectionate boy, very friendly with people and has also lived with young children.  He is already neutered.  Max is best rehomed as an only dog.  Please ring us on 01226 388764 for further information.

Adoption info

Make sure you have given careful thought before you adopt a dog. They are social animals and enjoy company so if you are out much of the time, they may get bored or distressed. A dog needs to be exercised with two good walks at least, morning & afternoon/evening. Consider the cost of food and vet bills for things such as regular flea and worming treatments and annual booster vaccinations and also factor in the cost of pet insurance. We would advise shopping around to compare quotes but please remember, cheapest isn’t always best. Check any excesses that might apply and that the insurance company will continue to provide cover when your pet gets older. If you are in rented accommodation, will your landlord allow you to keep a dog? Do you have access to a secure outside space so your dog can be let out to relieve itself? Finally, can you offer a forever home for a rescue dog? Pick the right dog for you. Consider the size/age/type of dog to fit in with your circumstances and lifestyle. Go to our kennels and take the dog for a walk or have a game with it in an enclosed area. Get to know it and if necessary, go back for a follow up visit to ensure you have made the right choice. If you want to know more about a dog, feel free to ask at the kennels or ring us on 01226 388764. Remember many of our dogs are picked up as strays and rescued from pounds so we don’t always know their history. Once you have chosen your dog – phone us on 01226 388764. We will discuss your choice of dog to ensure it is the right one for you. For example if you have children and we know a dog is nervous around them, we will discuss whether one of our other dogs would be more suitable. If you live locally, we would then usually arrange a home visit to make sure that you have fully considered all aspects of dog ownership, give advice on making sure gardens are secure and also about diet and exercise. You will be given an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like as we want to ensure you are 100% certain before you adopt a dog from us. You will be asked to sign an adoption form and pay an adoption fee. Once this is done, you can collect your dog as soon as is convenient. We will arrange to update the appropriate microchip database to put everything in your name. Most dogs come already neutered but in some cases this won’t have been done, for example if a bitch has recently been in season. In these circumstances, you will get a neutering voucher instead. If you live some distance away, we may be able to get another rescue to do a home visit on our behalf. Otherwise, if you have had a pet in the recent past and have used a vet, we may opt to do a vet reference check instead. We would be asking your vet to confirm you are a responsible owner and for example, that you have sought timely treatment when necessary and have regularly flea’d and wormed and had your pet neutered.


Barnsley And District Animal Welfare

BADAW was formed early in 2008 to help rescue abandoned or unwanted dogs in and around the area of South & West Yorkshire and achieved registered charity status in February 2009. Our charity registration number is 1128029.
We take in, where possible, abandoned or unwanted dogs and aim to find them new forever homes. We never put an animal to sleep unless it is on veterinary advice.
All our dogs receive a veterinary health check at Churchfield Veterinary Centre in Barnsley. They are treated against fleas & worms, are microchipped, vaccinated against common diseases and are neutered or come with a neutering voucher.
All our volunteers work free of charge and all donations go towards the care and treatment of our dogs.

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