RUBY DO – Brindle Beauty

Gender: Female

Age: 3 - 4 years

Neutered: As part of adoption process

Ruby has come into our care and is one very loving and friendly girl. She has previously lived with Sammie and has also been very good with other dogs. She goes out walking at every opportunity with other dogs as we try to keep all our dogs as socialised as possible. On her arrival she was so eager to say hi to everyone human and hound. Sadly Ruby has waited for many months in stray kennels with no exercise. She has settled well considering all she ha been through recently and she is really loving her walks and interactions. Due to being Brindle and a cross breed Stafford we appeal especially for a home for this pretty young Stafford. Brindles are always overlooked and left behind. Brindles are beautiful. Please please see beyond the coat. Ruby is super loving and friendly and just like her friend Sammy is always very happy to give you a wiggle, a paw and a fuss. Ruby mixes well with humans and hounds and we have all crossed for a new home with someone who can see beyond a Brindle coat and see the beautiful dog within.
Ruby will suit an active home with someone who loves exercise and outside adventures. She loves her walks and her people. We feel she could live with a nice natured male dog of equal size. A home is preferredĀ  that won’t leave her for long hours as she has been in kennels far too long missing out on much needed attention and love. Ruby is a happy girl despite having had a rough ordeal of late. We invite people to come and meet us and our rescue dogs. If you love Staffies like we do then please contact us here at Good Life about the home you can offer any of our dogs.
We are passionate about helping stray dogs and we have many Staffies looking for homes. We help a huge volume that are struggling to find rescue in the Yorkshire stray kennels. Staffies are loving and reliable dogs. See our dogs profiles today. More flattering photos of Ruby to follow this week.
Adoption info

Please contact us about the dog you are interested in via email preferably. Please give information about yourself, your lifestyle and your home. Do you have children? Other pets? Work full time? etc etc. We will come back to you as soon as possible. If the dog is a good match for you we will arrange for you to come and meet the dog and ourselves. If everything goes well we will home check your property and if possible you can provide us with a verbal reference from your previous vet. All our animals are vaccinated, neutered, treated for fleas and worms and micro chipped. We ensure we match the right dog with the right adopter and all parties are happy including the dog.


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Please email us or telephone for any further details on any of our dogs and with information about yourself and your lifestyle and home. We always try and match the right dog with the right adopter. All our dogs are vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, micro chipped and neutered. Home checks apply and vet references if possible. Please contact us for any further information about the animals in our care, to arrange an appointment or to find out more about the work we do.

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    Created on 23/01/18(last updated 25/10/18)