Gender: Female

Age: Under a year

Neutered: Yes

We are taking interests in this lovely girl.

Sadly honey has been returned to our care because her adoptees couldn’t cope with her high energy levels. Honey is a beautiful young girl, she’s only a baby so will need a home where her new owner is at home most of the day.  She will need house training an all the support and guidance a puppy needs to help her reach her full potential of developing into a well mannered girl. Honey will  grow into a medium/large breed when fully grown and will  need  plenty of exercise.

Type of Home Needed:

We are looking for an active home for Honey and where she wont be left for long. Her new owners will need lots of patience and be committed to give her all the training a puppy needs. Honey is young enough to learn to live with other pets in the home however she would drive an older dog crazy as all she wants to do is play.  All other dogs in the  home must be neutered before making any  enquiries. A home with children over 7 years old if any and a full secure garden with a fence height of at least 5ft is required.

Please note: Any interests that live more than 30 mins drive away we would have to look into another rescue to do your home visit, however any local interests that are suitable will be given priority.

Adoption info

Dogs under 6 month old £220, Dogs over 6 month old £200 however they may be an increase required. Proof of landlords permission will be needed for rental properties. Puppies will not be rehomed to families with children under 5. We will not rehome to anyone living in a flat. Gardens must be securely fenced all the way around to a minimum of 4ft but up to 6ft or higher depending on the dog. Adoption fee covers vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, flea and worm treatment and 4 weeks free insurance. Home visit will also be carried out.


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    Created on 06/02/19(last updated 27/08/19)