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More info and other dogs and cats are on our website along with our adoption criteria. You will need to complete the form https://www.rainrescue.co.uk/animals/nelson

About us

Helping Homeless dogs and cats in and around South Yorkshire. We are not an open site, and all viewings are by you completing the Enquire about Me form on the www.rainrescue.co.uk website and emailing photos to us for your garden, fencing, gates and where a dog or cat would sleep.

One of our team will get in touch for a chat

Adoption info

To make sure our animals move into the right environment, we’ll also need you to email dogs@rainrescue.co.uk or cats@rainrescue.co.uk with photos of your home, garden (including fencing), and current/past pets so we can make sure we find the right environment for every animal.

Once this is all done, we’ll be ready to process your application and you’ll be one step closer to adoption!

Step two
Match and Meet

There are two parts to this section, but the good news is that we’ll take care of the matching, so you can enjoy the meeting to the full.

Based on all your information, photos and preferences and our extensive knowledge of the animals in our care, we’ll set about assessing the suitability of you and your potential new companion. If we’re not sure about the dog or cat you have chosen, we’ll identify who we think would be the best match for you.

Even if the animal you originally opted for turns out not to be suitable, we’ll do everything we can to find a dog or cat who will be the very best companion for you. If there’s no suitable match right now, be patient – we have new animals arriving all the time.

Once we’ve found a suitable match, we’ll invite you in for the special moment of meeting your potential new companion. Life in a cattery or a kennel is very different to life in a home, though, so the animal we’ve matched with you may be more shy or more boisterous than usual when you first meet them. We’ll be able to tell you whether their behaviour is likely to be different in the more comfortable setting of your home.

It’s really important that all family members and others living in the household meet your potential new resident to make sure it will be a happy home for everyone. You won’t be able to adopt until you’ve all met each other first!

Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of rehoming advice to help you prepare.

Step three

Once everyone’s happy (it may take more than one visit), you’ll be ready for the final, magical step of officially adopting your new companion! We’ll make sure you have all the information and advice you need for when you first introduce your cat or dog into your home, and we’ll be in touch soon after to check how things are going.

It costs around £220 for a dog , £85 for a cat and £120 for a kitten to adopt from Rain Rescue. This ensures they come home with all they need and covers some of the costs we incur in ensuring your pet is healthy, happy and house-ready before their adoption (see below for more details). You can pay in cash or by credit/debit card.

Rehoming fees are non-refundable. Should we assess it to be in the best of interests of an animal for it to be returned, however, we may be able to offer a refund, minus an admin fee of £25.

Although you will be responsible for the wellbeing of your new companion after adoption, a Rain Rescue animal will always be a Rain Rescue animal, so we’re here if you need us. We have lots of advice on our website but if you’re struggling you can always call our small team of animal lovers on 07725 888207 (between 11am-3pm). Leave a message if you can’t get through and we’ll try to get back to you or you can email dogs@rainrescue.co.uk or cats@rainrescue.co.uk for help and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

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